Ukraine is the leading supplier of wheat to the EU




For the period since the beginning of 2022/23 MY and as of early November, Ukraine is the leading supplier of wheat to the countries of the European Union. The export of Ukrainian wheat to the EU amounted to 1.5 mln tonnes, which is significantly higher than last season's figure (188 thsd tonnes), Head of Business projects unit with APK-Inform Andriy Kupchenko said during the international Asia Grains & Oils Conference in Qazaqstan 2022 in Astana on November 11.

He specified that the TOP-5 largest suppliers of wheat to the EU also include UK (379 thsd tonnes against 155 thsd tonnes last season), Canada (179 thsd tonnes against 49 thsd tonnes), Moldova (113 thsd tonnes and 86 thsd tonnes) and Serbia (110 thsd tonnes against 164 thsd tonnes).

Ukraine also significantly increased the supply of barley and corn to the EU – up to 270 thsd tonnes and 4 mln tonnes correspondingly (4 thsd tonnes and 1.2 mln tonnes last season). Thus, Ukraine ranks the second in the list of suppliers of these grains to EU countries, A. Kupchenko emphasized.