Export of pulses from Kazakhstan in 2022/23 MY increased 2.5 times. What are the prospects?




Kazakhstan significantly increased the export of pulses. According to APK-Inform Agency, with reference to the data of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in July-January 2022/23 MY the country exported 133.7 thsd tonnes of pulses, which is 2.5 times higher year-on-year (52.9 thsd tonnes).

Lentils accounts for most of the exports and amounted to 91.4 thsd tonnes. Peas exports reached 35.8 thsd tonnes and chickpeas — 6.5 thsd tonnes.

At the same time, APK-Inform noted that the structure of pulses exports changed. The share of lentils in 2022/23 MY increased from 48% to 68% in the total export of pulses (compared to 2021/22 MY), chickpeas — from 2% to 5% respectively. However, the share of peas declined — from 51% to 27%.

In the current season, the main growth of the Kazakh lentils exports was observed due to the rise of product shipment to Turkey, which in July-January 2022/23 MY imported 82/8 thsd tonnes of lentils — 4 times higher y-o-y. Herewith, the deliveries to Turkey accounted for 91% of the total export of lentils in the reporting period. Also, Afghanistan increased purchases 5.7 times. However, in physical terms the delivery volumes were insignificant and amounted to only 2.6 thsd tonnes in the current MY. In general, Kazakhstan exported lentils to 20 countries around the world, compared to 13 countries last season.

Afghanistan in the main importer of Kazakh peas, and in July-January 2022/23 MY the deliveries reached 21.2 thsd tonnes (20.8 thsd tonnes y-o-y). This accounts for 59% of the total Kazakh peas exports, compared to 77% last season. APK-Inform analysts explain this change in the export structure by a significant (3.3 times) increase in imports by Uzbekistan, which purchased 11.0 thsd tonnes of peas from Kazakhstan in the reporting period (3.3 thsd tonnes y-o-y).  It should also be noted that the deliveries of small batches of Kazakh peas in 2022/23 MY to such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic (compared to no deliveries in 2021/22 MY). At the same time, in the current season there were no shipments to Iran and Russia, which purchased a total of 1.2 thsd tonnes of Kazakh peas in 2021/22 MY.  

The export of Kazakh lentils is the most limited, both in volumes and in geography. In July-January 2022/23 MY Turkey purchase over 75% of the batches — 4.9 the tonnes, which is 10.6 times higher y-o-y. Uzbekistan is the second largest importer, which increased purchases 9.7 times to 0.7 thsd tonnes. Also, in the current MY Lithuania became of the importer of Kazakh pulses (compared to no purchases in 2021/22 MY). At the same time, there were no shipment of lentils to Tajikistan and Russia in the current season, whereas last season the total volume of the deliveries to these countries accounted for 24%.

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