Ukraine harvested over 2 mln tonnes of grain as of mid-July




As of July 13, in Ukraine, early grains and pulses were harvested through 643.76 thsd ha (6%), with the yield at 3.35 t/ha and production – 2.157 mln tonnes, reported the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

In particular, harvest pace includes:

  • barley – through 352.36 thsd ha (25%), with the yield at 3.72 t/ha and production at 1.311 mln tonnes;
  • wheat – 211.82 thsd ha (5%), with the yield at 3.68 t/ha and production at 778.65 thsd tonnes;
  • peas – 44.99 thsd ha (31%), with the yield at 2.08 t/ha and production at 93.74 thsd tonnes.

The harvesting campaign is being conducted in all regions of Ukraine, except Luhansk. According to indicators of the harvested area and the total gross collection, as of July 13, the agricultural producers of the Odesa region are in the lead – 241.6 thsd ha (25%) and 746 thsd tonnes, respectively. The highest average grain yield is currently recorded in the Chernivtsi region – 6.8 t/ha, but the harvesting campaign in the region was only 2% completed.

As of the reporting date, winter rapeseed in Ukraine was harvested from 158.13 thsd ha (11%), and production reached 329.48 thsd tonnes with an average yield of 2.08 t/ha.