Last season, Ukraine’s flour exports exceeded the pre-war level




Thanks to the unceasing efforts of domestic flour millers, it was possible to bring the export of flour from Ukraine to 150.000 tonnes in 2022/23 MY. Serhii Sakirkin, the head of the audit commission of the “Flour Mills of Ukraine” public union, noted this fact, summing up the results of the last season.

“Therefore, in a year when the sea was safe, containers of bran (the cost of which was constantly lamented) were running high, the filling of warehouses could not be imagined even in nightmares – the export was only 125.000 tonnes. And here the sea is only in Romania and beyond, wild bids for trucks to ports and to European consumers… Logistics is just terrible! And we’ve got 150.000 tonnes!” — he emphasized.

Examining the dynamics of flour exports by month, the expert recalled that from March to June 2022 there was an “unexplained state of affairs.”

“Then it became clear that you need to work and work in a new way. In July, they straightened their shoulders and continued to work almost without interruption. Rare stability in contrast to the previous two years,” he said.

Sakirkin also noted that flour prices during the last season were “not so good and beautiful”, but both the global price factor and very expensive logistics intervened.

“Delivery conditions, which include payment of transport, are represented by other prices, but this is by no means a profit, unfortunately… By the way, the price dynamics of the 2022/23 MY, if you do not take absolute numbers, is very similar to the dynamics of the pre-war 2020/21 MY”, – said the specialist.