An absolute record: in 2022/23 MY, Kazakhstan exported almost 8 mln tonnes of wheat




In 2022/23 season (September–August), Kazakhstan exported 7.975 mln tonnes of wheat. This was an absolute record, reports APK-Inform with reference to operational statistics.

In 2021/22 MY, Kazakhstan exported 5.748 mln tonnes of wheat to foreign markets, in 2020/21 MY — 5.907 million tons.

The rotation in the list of top importers also looks interesting.

The top three importers of Kazakh wheat at the end of last season included:

  • Uzbekistan (3.89 mln tonnes compared to 2.59 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY and 3.07 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY),
  • Tajikistan (1.089 mln tonnes against 879 thsd tonnes and 1.05 mln tonnes, respectively),
  • Afghanistan (744 thsd tonnes against 464 thsd tonnes and 641 thsd tonnes, respectively).

Turkmenistan took 4th place in the list of top importers, purchasing 540.5 thsd tonnes of Kazakh wheat (compared to 418 thsd tonnes and 38 thsd tonnes in the two previous seasons, respectively).

Italy unexpectedly took 5th place with 449.6 thsd tonnes (against 283 and 108 thsd tonnes, respectively).

It should be noted that in the SH of 2022/23 MY, China significantly intensified its purchases of Kazakh wheat, ultimately importing 415.45 thsd tonnes of grain for the entire season and thus winning 6th place in the ranking of buyers.

Azerbaijan also increased imports of wheat from Kazakhstan – up to 276 thsd tonnes (against 190 thsd tonnes and 35 thsd tonnes, respectively).

Iran, on the contrary, reduced purchases of Kazakh grain to only 163 thsd tonnes (versus 632 thsd tonnes and 405 thsd tonnes, respectively). As APK-Inform has already reported, in this market Kazakhstan is being replaced by Russia with its cheaper grain. According to Astyk Trans, grain shipments from the Russian Federation in this direction exceed Kazakh volumes by 4-5 times. 

Also, the top 10 buyers of Kazakh wheat in 2022/23 MY included Turkey, which increased imports to 156 thsd tonnes (against 126 thsd tonnes and 53 thsd tonnes, respectively), and Tunisia, which significantly increased purchases to 104 thsd tonnes ( against insignificant 8 and 4 thsd tonnes in the previous two seasons).

A new grain season started in Kazakhstan in September.

In the first month of 2023/24 MY, traditional importers Uzbekistan and Tajikistan remain active buyers of Kazakh wheat, and China and Italy are also increasing the pace of purchases. Thus, in September, China has already imported 61.8 thsd tonnes of wheat from Kazakhstan, while in the same month in the previous season there were no deliveries. Italy imported 55.2 thsd tonnes of Kazakh wheat, against 1.4 thsd tonnes in September 2022. In total, 508.6 thsd tonnes of wheat were exported in September of the current MY, which is 13% higher than the previous season.

We will talk about the results of the past MY and the prospects for the new season — both in the grain and oilseed segments — at the international conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference: Results of 2023, which will take place on December 5 in Almaty.

You can find a detailed agenda of the conference on the APK-Inform website

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