The Third International Conference “Grain Industry 2004”

The Third International Conference “Grain Industry 2004”

May 13-14, 2004, Kiev, Expo Centre of Ukraine, Pavilion 1

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The Conference organisers:

APK-Inform Agribusiness Information Company

Research and Technological Journal “Khranenie i Pererabotka Zerna” (Storage and Processing of Grain)

National Exhibition Complex “Expo Centre of Ukraine”

The Sponsors:

Well Grain Company

Company "Melibor"

Company "Loture"


"Holding Zernotorgovaya Company"

W.J.Grain Ltd

Company "SGS-Ukraine"

Company "Control Union Ukraine"

Yug Rusi Agroindustrial company
Company AGRIKO

Company "Alfred С. Toepfer International Ukraine"

Baltic Control Ukraine Co


Azovskaya Prodovolstvenaya Company

Organisational support:

Ukrainian Grain Association

Bread Baking Industry Association “Ukrkhlibprom”

Russian Grain Union

Ukrainian Bakers' Association

Association "Ukrzernoprodukt"

Informational support:

The key topics:

  • Grain market in the 2003/04 marketing year;

  • Prospects for the 2004 grain crop;

  • Outlook for the world, Ukrainian and Russian grain markets in the 2004/05 MY;

  • Legal and monetary aspects of grain market functioning;

  • Grain market functioning, price formation, state support, risk management;

  • Development prospects of Ukrainian bread baking industry;

  • Present-day grain storage and processing technologies;

  • Equipment and devices of grain storage and processing industry.

The Conference goals:

  • Discussion of the outcomes of the 2003 grain crop and prospects for the next season crop, peculiarities of the grain market functioning in current conditions;

  • Exchange of experience on the present-day grain storage and processing technologies;

  • Establishment of business links, meeting with business partners.

As it has traditionally been the case, the Conference will be held within the framework of the National Exhibition “Khliboprom- 2004 ” (“Bread Industry 2004” ), which will be opened on May 13 to 15 in the Second Pavilion of the Expo Centre. Therefore, thanks to the convenient location, the Conference participants will be able not only to familiarise themselves with the exhibits displayed, but to place their own exhibits as well, at a reduced price.

The target audience includes a wide circle of grain market participants. These have traditionally been producers, traders, processors, owners and directors of companies, technologists and analysts of companies and the leading consulting agencies.

Historical background

Over the part two years APK-Inform Agribusiness Information Company has held 4 International Conferences in two basic industry fields of agricultural production – the grain and oilseed industries. Now it can be said that from the very start these events have attracted a great interest of the specialists of companies and enterprises, research institutions, the leading consulting and information agencies not only from Ukraine and the CIS countries, but from many other countries as well. According to many of them, these events have enabled them not only to obtain new valuable market information and exchange experience with their colleagues, but to establish new business contacts, get ideas for new directions in development of their business.



May 14-15, 2002, Kiev, Expo Centre of Ukraine. The First International Conference “Technologies and Marketing in the Bread Products Industry”. The event was attended by more than 200 participants from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Poland. The Conference was sponsored by OJSC “ Karlivka Machine Building Plant”, CJSC “Agroresurs”, Novoukrainka Bread Products Combine, the company “Voskhod” ( Russia ).

October 17-18, 2002, Kiev, Expo Centre “ AKKO International”. The First International Conference “Oilseed Industry of Ukraine : Prospects, Investments, Technologies”.



May 14-15, 2003,

2003 год. Kiev, Expo Centre of Ukraine. The Second International Conference “Grain Industry 2003” was attended by about 300 participants from: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and France. Download the List of Participants here. The Conference was sponsored by OJSC “Karlivka Machine Building Plant”, the companies InnoVinn, Spomasz s. a. Torun, Poland ; the general partner was Manufacturing Association “Melibor”.

October 29-30, 2003, Kiev, the Hotel Complex “Tourist”. The Second International Conference “Oilseed Industry of Ukraine : Prospects, Investments, Technologies”

Thus, it can be said that such forums have become traditional and long-waited events not only in Ukraine, but far abroad.