About the conference

IA APK-Inform, keeping the traditions since the first international conference on grain subject in Ukraine in 2002, invites specialists of the grain industry to participate in the Eighth United International Conference "Grain Forum & Grain Industry 2009".

Over 220 delegates from 150 companies, representing 21 countries, took part in the last year Grain Forum.

The leading producer-companies, agricultural holdings, exporters and importers of grains from Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Russia, Kazakhstan, grain importer-companies, science representatives, analysts and representatives of branch organizations of the agro industrial complex.

In "Grain Industry 2008" 155 delegates, representing 110 companies from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries took part in the work of the conference.

Goals and tasks of the forthcoming conference:

  • preliminary summation of 2008/09 marketing grain year

  • estimation of the development prospects of the grain market in 2009/10 МY

  • possibilities of the governmental support of the grain industry in Ukraine and the CIS countries

  • retrieval development facilities of the grain market in the terms of the global economic recession

  • discussion of the complex of issues devoted to technological and marketing aspects of production process, storing, processing and trading of grains and by-products

Target audience: grains producers, representatives of grain trading, transport-expeditionary and surveyor companies, branch associations and unions; representatives of legislative and executive power branches of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, nongovernmental organizations; directors and specialists of elevators and grain processing enterprises, laboratories of quality rating; representatives of financial and insurance, consulting and engineering companies and etc.

Speakers of the conference: leading experts-analysts of the grain market of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, the EU, and several international organizations; deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, staff of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine; directors of agricultural holdings and enterprises of the grain products system; specialist of engineering companies and etc.

The expected number of conference participants - nearly 300 delegates from 25 countries.

Thematic sections of the conference

  • forecasts (short-, medium- and long-term) of development of the world and Black Sea /Ukrainian grain markets

  • results of the sowing campaign for crop-2009 in Ukraine

  • prospects of the markets of grains processing (flour, groats, bran, mixed fodder, starch-and-treacle products and etc.)

  • prospects of the markets of attendant commodities (mineral fertilizers, technical equipment)

  • infrastructure of the grains market (elevators, logistics and etc.)

  • role and place of the governmental institutions in the functioning process of the grain market in the terms of instability of the financial and economic positions of the country

More detailed information concerning participation is provided by Marketing Department of IA "APK-Inform": +380 562 320795, +7 495 7894419, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]