Registration fee for one participant*:

USD EUR If paid
720 500 till July 25
860 600 from July 25 till August 31
1100 700 after August 31

Terms of non-cash payment:

  • Participant pay the bank charges in addition.

  • Payments made n UAH is realized according to the exchange rate of EUR to the date of issuing the invoice.

  • Payments made in Russian rubles is realized at the exchange rate of EUR in the Central Bank of Russia + 3% on the date of issuing the invoice.

  • Invoices for payment are valid for 3 bank days from the issue date.

  • Day of the payment shall be the day of transferring funds to the account of the organizers.


Participants of the conference will receive the following discounts:

5% - while participation of two or more delegates from the company;


The registration fee includes:

  • Participation of one delegate in the conference work

  • Receiving of materials of the conference (the conference catalogue during the conference, reports and presentations after the conference)

  • Placement of the company's business card in the conference catalogue

  • Simultaneous interpreting

  • Coffee-break, lunch

  • Welcoming reception in the honour of participants


Additional opportunities for participants:

  • Participation in the conference as conference sponsor

  • Making the report/presentation

  • Advertising services within the conference frames

  • Assistance in establishing the business contacts between the Forum participants before the conference and during it


Terms of payment:

100% prepayment as per the invoice charged by the organizer according to the participant's application. Participant may cancel his participation in sole discretion. Cancellation of participation in the conference is accepted only in writing form confirmed by company head's signature.


Accommodation program is provided by organizers for additional fee.


More detailed information about the conference will be available at the web-sites of the National Union of grain producers and APK-Inform Agency.

APK-Inform Agency
+7 495 789-44-19; +380 562 32-07-95, 321-595 (ext. 160)
Irina Ozip, e-mail: [email protected]

The National union of grain producers:
tel./ fax (495) 745-85-74
e-mail: [email protected]