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Belarus: grain yield decreased compared with last year

As of July 22, Belarusian agrarians harvested grains and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 182.3 thsd ha (7.7% of the plan), and produced 551.3 thsd tonnes of grains with the average yield of 3.02 t/ha, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus.

On the same date in 2012 agrarians harvested the reporting crops throughout 164.5 thsd ha (6.8%), and produced 613.1 thsd tonnes of grains with the yield of 3.73 t/ha.

As of the reporting date in 2013, agricultural producers of Belarus harvested winter rapeseed throughout 274.7 thsd ha (75.6%). The produced volumes totaled 562.3 thsd tonnes with the average yield of 2.05 t/ha, which is almost the same level as last year (2.04 t/ha).


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