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In 2014 Belarus to produce at least 9 mln tonnes of grains

In 2014 Belarus plans to harvest at least 9 mln tonnes of grains, stated the decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus #1192 dd. December 31, 2013.

The document was adopted in order to ensure timely preparation of agricultural organizations for the spring and autumn planting campaign, treatment of the planted areas, and founding of the strong base of forage reserves. According to the document, in the current year agricultural organizations and farming households have to ensure the production of nearly 9 mln tonnes of grains, 1.604 mln tonnes of potatoes, 4.7 mln tonnes of sugar beets, 170 thsd tonnes of flaxseed, 518 thsd tonnes of vegetables, 1.019 mln tonnes of rapeseed, 140 thsd tonnes of fruits and berries.


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