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Ukraine: in 2013 the grain production totaled 63 mln tonnes — State Statistics Service

In 2013 the general grain harvest in Ukraine totaled 62.997 mln tonnes in clean weight, an increase of 36.3% compared with 2012, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on January 15.

In particular, agrarians harvested 22.277 mln tonnes of wheat, 637.7 thsd tonnes of rye, 7.561 mln tonnes of barley, 467.2 thsd tonnes of oats, 30.9 mln tonnes of maize for grain, 102 thsd tonnes of millet, 179 thsd tonnes of buckwheat, 145.1 thsd tonnes of rice.

Generally, agrarians harvested grains throughout the areas of 15.802 mln ha, with the average yield of 3.99 t/ha (up 8.7% compared with last year).

Besides, Ukraine produced 10.747 mln tonnes of sugar beets, 11.037 mln tonnes of sunflower seed, 2.762 mln tonnes of soybeans, 2.353 mln tonnes of rapeseed.


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