February 4 2014, 12:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2890

Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy forecasts increasing of the planted areas of grains in 2014

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food forecasted that the planted areas of grains in Ukraine in 2014 will total 16.5 mln ha, an increase of 1.6% compared with 2013, while the areas under industrial crops may reduce by 4.6% - to 7.3 mln ha.

According to forecasts of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in the current year the structure of planted areas under spring grains and pulses will increase by 4% - to 8.7 mln ha. In particular, spring barley planted areas will cover the areas of 2.24 mln ha (down 2% compared with 2013), spring wheat - 0.2 mln ha (up 19.9%), oats - 0.28 mln ha (up 10.2%), and pulses - 0.3 mln ha (up 11.3%).

The planted areas under maize will increase by 5% compared with 2013 - to 5.15 mln ha.

As for the structure of areas under industrial crops, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy expects that the planted areas under sunflower seed will reduce by 11% - to 4.3 mln ha, soybeans - up 10.4%, to 1.5 mln ha.


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