February 12 2014, 11:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3040

Russia: spring crops planted areas to total 53 mln ha - Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia plans to increase the planted areas of spring crops in the current year to the level of 53 mln ha, up 1.5 mln ha compared with 2013, declared Petr Chekmarev, Director of the Department of plant-growing, chemicalization and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture, on February 12.

He also noted that the general planted areas for the harvest-2014 will total 78.6 mln ha – up 900 thsd ha compared with last year.

In particular, winter grain areas will cover 14.7 mln ha from the specified index, including 12 mln ha of winter wheat.

The official also reminded that to date the risk envelope totals 4.1% of winter crops areas.

Usually, the average annual losses of winter crops vary within 1 mln ha. Therefore, Russia plans to increase spring crops areas by 2 mln ha, P.Chekmarev said.

While talking about the prospects, P.Chekmarev noted the need to bring the planted areas of winter crops in Russia to 17-18 mln ha by 2015.


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