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Kyrgyzstan to reduce wheat planted areas

In 2014 Kyrgyzstan will reduce wheat planted areas, declared Taalaibek Aidaraliev, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic, on February 17.

He noted that the general planted areas of wheat will total 341 thsd ha, a decrease of 5.9 thsd ha compared with last year.

The planted areas of spring wheat will reduce by 8.4 thsd ha - to 131.9 thsd ha. Cheapness of the crop on the Kyrgyz market, increasing of the planted areas of more profitable crops and forage crops due to rising of cattle livestock in the country, became the reasons for the reporting reduction of wheat areas, explained the Minister.

He added that Kyrgyzstan will also increase the planted areas of maize, beans, rice and other crops.


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