February 26 2014, 12:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3367

Ukraine to replant 6-10% of the winter crop areas – Hydrometeorological center

In the spring of 2014 Ukrainian agrarians will have to replant winter crops throughout nearly 6-10% of the planted areas, declared Nikolai Kulbida, Director of the Hydrometeorological center of Ukraine, on February 24.

According to him, in the current year the expected losses will be less than the average index in Ukraine. To date the worst condition of winter crops areas is observed in Luhansk oblast, where winter crops are in weak and thinned condition throughout 15-20% of the areas, as well as in Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk, Poltava and Sumy oblasts (11-15%). The best situation with winter crops condition is observed in western regions, Zhytomyr oblast and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, where the losses will not exceed 5%.

N.Kulbida also noted that such condition of winter crops makes it possible to forecast an increase of the crops yield by 10-20% compared with 2013.


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