March 25 2014, 17:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2378

Moldova: wheat production to reach 1 mln tonnes

In terms of the favorable weather conditions in 2014 the general wheat harvest in Moldova will total 1 mln tonnes, which will ensure the food security of the country, and export potential of nearly 300 thsd tonnes of the grain, informed the Ministry of Agriculture of Moldova.

According to the Ministry, there is expected that the new crop grain prices on the domestic market will slightly rise, due to the forecasted reduction of wheat production in the world.

Generally, the planted areas of winter crops in Moldova totaled 389 thsd ha, including wheat areas - 300 thsd ha, barley - 58 thsd ha, rapeseed - 31 thsd ha. Nearly 90% of the crops areas were in good and satisfactory condition.


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