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Ukraine: additional costs for the planting campaign to total nearly 2 bln UAH

In the current year the total necessity of agricultural producers in the funds for holding of the spring planting campaign totals 42 bln UAH, including material costs — 31 bln UAH, declared Bagrat Ahidzhanov, Director of Financial and Credit Policy and Accounting Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, on March 31 within frames of the press-conference “Planting campaign -2014: not weather is the main challenge!”.

According to the Department, the additional costs for the planting campaign will total nearly 2 lln UAH, due to the price increase for import raw-materials (first of all, plant protecting agents, fuel and lubrication materials). B.Ahidzhanov stated the costs for mineral fertilizers will total at the level of 9 bln UAH, costs for seeds and fuel - 6.5 bln UAH each, plant protecting agents – 4.2 bln UAH, etc.

Financing of the field works of agrarians at their own expense will reach over 34 bln UAH. As of the beginning of the current spring field works the deficit of funds at the level of 8 bln UAH will be covered at the expense of raising of commercial credits (nearly 3 bln UAH) and funds of banks (nearly 5 bln UAH).


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