April 1 2014, 10:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2336

Ukraine: grain certification is the symbol of corruption on the agrarian market

The grain certification, which became obligate at the end of 2012, is the symbol of corruption on the agrarian market, declared Maryan Zablotsky, Major analyst of Ukrainian Agrarian Association, on March 31 at the press-conference “Planting campaign -2014: not weather is the main challenge!”.

According to participants of the grain market, the value detraction during certification totals 1-2 USD/t, which reaches nearly 30-50 mln USD annually within scales of the Ukrainian grain exports.

Bagrat Ahidzhanov, Director of Financial and Credit Policy and Accounting Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, stated that in the nearest time the government will pass the draft laws on cancellation of the obligatory grain certification. The grain certification will be provided only if it is required in the export contracts.


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