April 1 2014, 11:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2370

Ukraine: deficit of precipitations totals 25-40% - T.Adamenko

There is observed the precipitation deficit in Ukraine during five recent months. As of to date it estimated at the level of 25-40%, declared Tatiana Adamenko, Head of the department of agrometeorology of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center, on March 31 at the press-conference “Planting campaign -2014: not weather is the main challenge!”.

According to T.Adamenko, moisture content reserves throughout the most of Ukrainian territory are favorable for winter and spring crops as well. The index is 10-30 mm less compared with the previous year.

As for the South region, in particular Kherson oblast, western rayons of Zaporozhye oblast, southern rayons of Nikolaev oblast and some rayons of Odessa oblast, the precipitation deficit totals 40-50%.

The Main agrometeorologist added that in the nearest time the weather conditions will be favorable for completing the early spring crops planting campaign.


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