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Belarus planted grains and pulses throughout 1 mln ha

As of April 25, 2014 agrarians of Belarus had already planted the spring crops throughout the areas of 1.79 mln ha, or 66.7% of the plan, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.
In particular, the agrarians had already planted the early spring grains and legumes crops throughout 1 mln ha (93.9% of the plan). The maize planted areas reached 435.6 thsd ha (55.2%), including grain – 202.6 thsd ha (89.8%).

At the same time, as of the reported date the spring rapeseed planted areas totaled 23.1 thsd ha (22.5%), fiber flax – 32.2 thsd ha (58.5%), annual grasses – 154.4 thsd ha (31.5%), perennial ones – 264.5 thsd ha (68.7%).

The areas prepared for the spring planting campaign reached 2.156 mln ha (80%).


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