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Kyrgyzstan planted spring grain crops throughout 189.2 thsd ha

As of April 25, 2014 agrarians of Kyrgyzstan had already planted spring grain crops throughout the areas of 189.2 thsd ha, or 70.3% of the plan, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Melioration of Kyrgyzstan.

As of the reported date, the wheat planted areas had reached 79.4 thsd ha, barley – 109.8 thsd ha. The agrarians planted maize throughout the areas of 30.9 thsd ha (as opposed to 93.5 thsd ha), oilseeds – 19.7 thsd ha (as opposed to 48.4 thsd ha).

The fertilized winter planted areas totaled 153.2 thsd ha, the spring plowing ones – 335.9 thsd ha.


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