June 10 2014, 12:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2237

Ukraine to decrease buckwheat planted areas

According to forecasts of APK-Inform Agency, in 2014 Ukraine will plant buckwheat throughout the areas of 165 thsd ha (down 12.8% compared with 2013/14 MY). The production volumes will total 158 thsd tonnes (down 11.6% compared with 2012/13 MY) with the average yield of 1.01 t/ha. Taking into account reduction of the carry-over stocks at the end of the current season to 49 thsd tonnes, in the coming season the total supply will reach the level of 209 thsd tonnes, down 27.1% compared with 2012/13 MY (286 thsd tonnes).

APK-Inform forecasts some decline of the domestic consumption of buckwheat to 175 thsd tonnes in 2014/15 MY, against 195 thsd tonnes in the current season (down 10.3%).


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