June 13 2014, 16:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2327

Ukraine started harvesting early grains and pulses - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Agrarians of Nikolayev and Odessa oblasts began harvesting early grains and pulses, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on June 12.

According to the announcement, as of the reporting date agrarians harvested 16.7 thsd tonnes of grains throughout the areas of 6.4 thsd ha, with the average yield of 2.59 t/ha (in 2013 – 2.7 t/ha).

In particular, agrarians harvested winter barley throughout 6.3 thsd ha. The production totaled 16.6 thsd tonnes with the yield of 2.62 t/ha.

Ukraine harvested 0.1 thsd tonnes of wheat throughout 0.1 thsd ha. The average yield totaled 1 t/ha.


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