June 17 2014, 14:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 2786

Ukraine: in 2014/15 MY grain production to decrease by 10%, the exports - down 6% - APK-Inform

APK-Inform Agency estimated the production volumes of grains and pulses in Ukraine in 2014 at the level of 59.6 mln tonnes, a decrease of 9.7% compared with the record index of the previous year (63.1 mln tonnes), forecasted Andrei Kupchenko, analyst of APK-Inform Agency, on June 17 during his speech at the thirteenth international conference "Grain Forum - 2014: New Markets, Challenges and Opportunities".

The expected decline of yield indices of most grain crops in terms of significant growing of the production costs and insufficient funding of agricultural production, became the main reason for such reduction of the forecast. In particular, it is expected that the average wheat yield in Ukraine in 2014 will decrease by 2.3% compared with last year – to 3.31 t/ha against 3.39 t/ha in 2013, barley – down 4.4%, 2.24 t/ha against 2.34 t/ha, maize - down 4.7%, 61.4 t/ha against 6.41 t/ha, said the expert.

A.Kupchenko noted that taking into account the expected decline of grain harvest, the general exports of grains and pulses from Ukraine in 2014/15 MY will reach 30.2 mln tonnes, down 6.3% compared with the forecast for the current season (32.3 mln tonnes).


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