June 23 2014, 10:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1971

Russia planted spring crops throughout 51.9 mln ha - Ministry of Agriculture

According to preliminary data, in the current year all categories of agricultural enterprises of Russia planted spring crops throughout the areas of 51.9 mln ha, an increase of 0.5 mln ha compared with the index of 2013. In particular, the planted areas of spring grains totaled 31.4 mln ha, which also exceeded the index in 2013, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation referring to information of the department of crop growing, chemization and plant protection on June 22.

In particular, in the current year agrarians increased the areas under spring wheat, maize for grain, soybeans, spring forage crops, optimized sunflower seed planted areas, said the officials.


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