July 4 2014, 12:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1707

Russia: in 2014 the general grain harvest to exceed the last year indices - Hydrometeorological Centre

To date the weather conditions in agricultural regions of Russia favor to obtaining of rather good harvest of winter and spring crops, said Roman Vilfand, Director of the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia, on July 3.

The current weather conditions for vegetation of spring crops and harvesting of winter crops are rather favorable, good. In the Volga region there is observed some deficit of moisture reserves, but it is rather positive factor for winter crops harvesting. The weather is conducive to receive good harvest results in Russia. The Hydrometeorological Centre forecasts that the general harvest will significantly exceed the average index for 5 recent years, added R.Vilfand.

According to preliminary estimations, in 2014 the general harvest of grains and pulses in Russia is expected to increase the last year volumes, which were quite high.

As a reminder, in 2013 Russia harvested 92.4 mln tonnes of grains. The Ministry of Agriculture forecasted the index in the current year at 97 mln tonnes.


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