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Moldova produced 1.1 mln tonnes of wheat

Moldavian agrarians harvested more than 1.1 mln tonnes of wheat, an increase of 10% compared with 2013 index, declared Vasily Bumakov, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova, on August 6.

According to him, the average grain yield was slightly less than 3 t/ha. Milling wheat formed 65% from the general produced volume of 1.1 mln tonnes. It is noted that 350 thsd tonnes of wheat will be allocated to ensure the domestic market needs, 300 thsd tonnes - for exports. The remaining volumes will be used as feed grains for livestock feed.

Also, Moldova harvested 170 thsd tonnes of barley, 700 thsd tonnes of rapeseed, and 14 thsd tonnes of peas.

As for the harvest volumes of late grains, the Minister stressed that in the current year agrarians plan to produce more than 1.4 mln tonnes of maize. According to preliminary estimations, the harvest of sunflower seed is expected to reach more than 500 thsd tonnes.


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