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Kazakhstan harvested 759 thsd tonnes of grains - Ministry of Agriculture

As of August 8, Almaty, Jambyl, West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan oblasts of Kazakhstan harvested grains throughout the areas of 654.8 thsd ha. The average yield totaled 1.16 t/ha, a decrease of 0.49 t/ha compared with the level of 2013, and the production volumes reached 759 thsd tonnes of grains, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is noted that the lowest yield is observed in Jambyl oblast – 0.81 t/ha, due to dry weather conditions during the period of crops vegetation. But in West Kazakhstan oblast the yield index doubled the last year result.

According to the Ministry, in 2014 Kazakhstan planted agricultural crops throughout 21.8 mln ha, up 314.7 thsd ha, or 1.4% compared with 2013. In particular, the planted areas of grains and pulses totaled 15.6 mln ha, including 12.8 mln ha of wheat, down 241.8 thsd ha, or 1.9% compared with last year.

The grain harvest in bunker weight in 2014 is expected to reach nearly 17 mln tonnes.


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