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Kyrgyzstan: wheat harvest to reduce

In 2014 the general production volumes of wheat in Kyrgyzstan is expected to reduce by 100 thsd tonnes compared with last year, announced Taalaibek Aidaraliev, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, on August 8.

According to him, in 2013 Kyrgyz agrarians harvested 800 thsd tonnes of wheat.

In the current year the production will reach 695 thsd tonnes, but the results can become even higher, because in the southern regions there is a good yield – 3.1 t/ha, said T.Aidaraliev.

The Minister noted that in any case will not be the food crisis, since Kazakhstan, the world grain supplier, is a neighbouring country.

He stressed that annually Kyrgyzstan purchases nearly 200 thsd tonnes of wheat from Kazakhstan, in 2014 the country plans to import 300 thsd tonnes of the grain, due to the increasing demand.


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