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In 2014/15 MY Ukraine to produce over 58.5 mln tonnes of grains - Ministry of Economic Development

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine forecasts the general grain production in the country (excluding the Crimea) in 2014/15 MY at the level of 58.549 mln tonnes, informed the Interdepartmental working group under the Ministry of Economic Development.

In particular, the production of wheat will total 20.973 mln tonnes, rye - 419 thsd tonnes, barley – 7.941 mln tonnes, maize – 28.757 mln tonnes, oats - 505 thsd tonnes, rice - 57 thsd tonnes, buckwheat - 145 thsd tonnes, millet - 142 thsd tonnes, and other grain crops - 610 thsd tonnes.

The ending stocks as of the beginning of 2014/15 MY are estimated at 8.339 mln tonnes. Thus, the total supply of grains will reach 67.202 mln tonnes.

The domestic market demand is forecasted at 27.334 mln tonnes of grains, including 11.549 mln tonnes of wheat, 4.699 mln tonnes of barley, 0.501 mln tonnes of rye, 9.135 mln tonnes of maize.

The export volumes are expected to reach 32.338 mln tonnes, including 8.999 mln tonnes of wheat, 3.134 mln tonnes of barley, 10 thsd tonnes of rye, 19.998 mln tonnes of maize.

The ending stocks as of the end of 2014/15 MY are estimated at 7.531 mln tonnes of grains.


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