August 21 2014, 11:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1121

Crimean agrarians expect for low production of sunflower seed

According to the polling conducted by experts of APK-Inform Agency, agrarians of the Crimea expect for the low harvest volumes of sunflower seed.

According to the market participants, the oilseed yield will reduce by 10-20% compared with the previous year. To date dry weather conditions occupied the peninsula territory, which have rather adverse impact on sunflower seed areas.

According to the respondents, the productive precipitations in the Crimea took place 2 months ago, and recent rains did not improve the situation.

Agrarians plan to start the mass harvesting campaign of sunflower seed in early September 2014.

As a reminder, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, sunflower seed planted areas in the Crimea total 75.1 thsd ha.


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