August 29 2014, 13:19 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1349

Russia harvested almost 74 mln tonnes of grains

As of August 28, Russia harvested grains throughout the area of 25.7 mln ha or 55% of the harvested area (24.9 mln ha in 2013). 73.8 mln tonnes of grain were harvested (60 mln tonnes in 2013) and yield reached 2.87 t/ha (2.42 t/ha in 2013), stated the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In particular, winter and spring wheat was harvested throughout the area of 14.2 mln ha, or 56.1%. 47.2 mln tonnes of grain was produces with the yield of 3.32 t/ha.

Winter and spring barley was harvested throughout the area of 6.6 mln ha or 69.5%. There was produced 16.7 mln tonnes of grain with the yield of 2.54 t/ha.

Agrarians harvested maize for grain throughout 55.61 thsd ha or 0.8% of the area. The produced volumes reached 299.8 thsd tonnes with the average yield of 5.39 t/ha.

Russia harvested sunflower seed throughout the areas of 89.1 thsd ha (2.8%). The produced volumes totaled 435.2 thsd tonnes with the average yield of 2.23 t/ha.

Agrarians harvested winter and spring rapeseed throughout 411.6 thsd ha or 34% of the harvested area. The production totaled 721.3 thsd tonnes with the yield of 1.78 t/ha.

Russia harvested 128.2 thsd tonnes of soybeans throughout 68.9 thsd ha (3.5% of the plan) with the yield of 1.86 t/ha.

Farmers continue planting of winter grain for 2015 harvest. They have planted grains throughout 1.8 mln ha (10.7% of plan) against 2 mln ha in 2013.


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