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Kyrgyzstan harvested over 673 thsd tonnes of grains

As of August 29, Kyrgyzstan harvested grains throughout the areas of 397.2 thsd ha, or 78% of the plan, and produced over 673 thsd tonnes of grains, declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

It was noted that the harvesting campaign rates became slightly higher compared with last year, but the average yield of the grain was lower compared with last year (1.72 t/ha, against 2.56 t/ha in 2013).

In particular, agrarians harvested barley throughout 127.1 thsd ha, or 80.1%. In the current year the grain yield totaled 1.36 t/ha, down 0.97 t/ha compared with last year.


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