October 13 2017, 11:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 950

Ukraine: in the current season, the production of basic crops significantly exceeds the domestic market needs - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

In the season-2017/18, Ukraine demonstrates surplus balances for all major agricultural crops, declared the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Maksym Martynyuk on September 20.

According to him, in 2017 Ukraine will produce grains at the level of 61-63 mln tonnes, which will completely cover the domestic needs and food security of the country, as well as form a high potential for export supplies. Milling grain varieties (60%) dominate in the production structure of wheat, which allows increasing the production of flour for both domestic and foreign markets. The current season was the first one for more than 10 recent years, when Ukraine completely covered its domestic needs in rye.

Taking into account the significant over-production rates for all food crops, the balance sheets do not give any reason for the further rise of prices on the consumer market.

For example, in the current season wheat production is expected to reach 25.7 mln tonnes, in terms of the domestic consumption at 9.6 mln tonnes, including 4.7 mln tonnes for food purposes. The harvest of rye will total 490 thsd tonnes, which will cover the domestic consumption, barley - 8.2 mln tonnes, while the domestic consumption - 3.9 mln tonnes, and corn - more than 27 mln tonnes, while the domestic consumption - 7.5 mln tonnes.


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