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Russia harvested over 131 mln tonnes of grains - Ministry of Agriculture

As of October 16, Russian agrarians harvested grains and pulses throughout the general areas of 44.2 mln ha (in 2016 - 44 mln ha), or 93.9% of the forecast. The production volumes of grains totaled 131.4 mln tonnes, with the average yield at 2.97 t/ha (in 2016 - 115.8 mln tonnes, and 2.63 t/ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In particular, agrarians harvested winter and spring wheat throughout 27 mln ha (97.8%), and produced 87.1 mln tonnes of the grain, with the average yield of 3.23 t/ha.

Russia harvested 21.4 mln tonnes of winter and spring barley throughout 7.7 mln ha (96.5%). The average yield totaled 2.79 t/ha.

Agricultural producers continued harvesting corn for grain, and already produced 6.3 mln tonnes. The harvested areas reached 1.3 mln ha (46.2%), with the yield at 4.72 t/ha.

Also, agrarians continued harvesting rice: the production volumes reached 917.3 thsd tonnes, the harvested areas - 145.5 thsd ha (78.1%), and the average yield totaled 6.3 t/ha.

Agrarians continued harvesting sunflower seed, and already produced 6 mln tonnes of the oilseed. The harvested areas reached 3.6 mln ha (46.9%), with the yield at 1.66 t/ha.

Russia harvested rapeseed throughout 848.4 thsd ha (86.1%), and produced 1.5 mln tonnes of the oilseed. The average yield totaled 1.73 t/ha.

Russia already produced 2.1 mln tonnes of soybeans. The harvested areas reached 1.3 mln ha (50.2%), with the yield at 1.63 t/ha.

Also, Russia planted winter crops throughout 15.8 mln ha, or 90.8% of the planned areas (in 2016 - 15.5 mln ha).


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