In 2018, Ukraine faced the high moisture level of harvested grains — SGS Ukraine




In the current year, the average moisture content in harvested grain volumes in Ukraine increased by nearly 0.7% compared with last year. Also, the share of sprouted grains increased, declared the Technical & Claims Questions manager at SGS Ukraine, Oleg Onischenko during his report at "Grain Processors Forum - 2018" in Odessa on September 28.

At the same time, he specified that the company received the data within the analysis of the obtained samples, which were randomly selected and grouped in accordance with the ratio rating to the production volumes of wheat in all oblasts of Ukraine.

In addition, in the current season Ukraine faced a number of problems associated with spreading of various fungic diseases (in particular fusarium, alternaria blight), and as a result, the content of mycotoxins in grains (metabolic by-product of fungal spores), which should be paid the maximum attention during formation of export batches, O.Onischenko added.

At the same time, he specified that 4.9% of the monitored volumes of wheat (excluding the high content of impurities) were classified as 1-grade grain, 14.5% — 2-grade grain, 33.7% — 3-grade grain, 4.2% — 4-grade grain, and 19.3% — 5-grade grain. Also, SGS Ukraine estimated 20.2% of the grain volumes as 6-grade and off-grade wheat.

In addition, O.Onischenko noted that in the current year there were also problems with bug-ridden grains.

According to him, the share of grains with the damages of less than 1% totaled nearly 73.7%. It was not the critical figures, but still rather significant. Grain producers need to make additional treatment works, which provides certain additional costs.

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