Ukraine: record harvest of agricultural crops contributed to the UAH strengthening — NBU




The record harvest volumes of agricultural crops for all years of the country's independence provided the significant incoming of foreign currency from the exports of agricultural products, which contributed to the following strengthening of the hryvnia, declared the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), Oleg Churiy on December 13.

According to him, since the beginning of 2018, the hard-line monetary policy, the restrained budgetary policy, and the active exports of agricultural products contributed to strengthening of the hryvnia by nearly 1%.

O.Churiy specified that in the current year, the harvest of grain crops reached more than 70 mln tonnes, while the general harvest including oilseeds, totaled more than 100 mln tonnes.

As a reminder, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the general grain harvest in Ukraine exceeded all previous historical maximum figures.