Ukraine planted early spring grains throughout 260 thsd ha — Ministry of Agrarian Policy



As of March 13, Ukrainian agrarians already planted early spring grains and pulses throughout the areas of 258 thsd ha, or 11% of the forecast, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

In particular, the planted areas under spring wheat reached 10 thsd ha (6% of the forecast), spring barley — 177 thsd ha (11%), oats — 5 thsd ha (2%), and peas — 67 thsd ha (19%).

Due to the favourable weather conditions, the current planting campaign began in one month earlier, compared with the standard, and every day continues increasing its rates. Ukrainian agrarians have the sufficient level of resources to successfully provide the planting campaign of spring grains in the optimum time, and in compliance with all technological requirements, said the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy, Volodymir Topchiy.

Also, agrarians still continued providing additional fertilizing of winter grain areas. As of the reporting date, agrarians provided additional fertilizing works of winter grains throughout 5.4 mln ha (72% of the forecast). In particular, agrarians already realized such works throughout 4.5 mln ha of winter wheat (70%), 70 thsd ha of winter rye (61%), and 846 thsd ha of winter barley (84%). In addition, agrarians provided additional fertilizing of winter rapeseed throughout 1.1 mln ha (86%).