Belarus planted early grains throughout over 0.8 mln ha — Ministry of Agriculture



As of April 15, Belarusian agrarians planted early grains and pulses throughout the areas of 804.2 thsd ha, or 91.5% of the plan (878.9 thsd ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

In particular, agrarians of Minsk oblast planted grains throughout 93.2% of the plan (167 thsd ha), while Mogilev oblast — 93.1% (149.5 thsd ha), Brest oblast — 100% (125 thsd ha), Gomel oblast — 105.1% (124.5 thsd ha), and Grodno oblast — 90.7% (122.1 thsd ha). Also, Vitebsk oblast planted early grains throughout 116.1 thsd ha (72.1%).

At the same time, agrarians continued planting corn for grain, which areas already reached 16.54 thsd ha, or 7.42% of the plan (222.9 thsd ha).

Generally, as of April 15 Belarus planted spring crops throughout 1.018 mln ha, or 41.7% of the planned areas (2.44 mln ha).