Ukraine started planting soybeans — Ministry of Agrarian Policy




Ukrainian agrarians started the planting campaign of soybeans. As of April 17, agrarians planted the oilseed throughout the areas of 31 thsd ha, or 2% of the plan, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

Generally, as of the reporting date agricultural enterprises already planted early spring grains and pulses throughout 2.1 mln ha (91%). In particular, the planted areas under spring wheat reached 150 thsd ha (90%), spring barley — 1.5 mln ha (94%), spring oats — 165 thsd ha, and peas — 283 thsd ha (83%).

Also, agrarians planted corn throughout 264 thsd ha, or 6% of the forecast. At the same time, agrarians planted sugar beet throughout 194 thsd ha (79%).

In addition, agrarians continued planting sunflower seed. As of the reporting date, Ukraine planted the oilseed throughout 1 mln ha.

At the same time, agrarians still continued providing additional fertilizing of winter grain areas — 7.5 mln ha (99%). In particular, agrarians already realized such works throughout 6.4 mln ha of winter wheat (99%), 113 thsd ha of winter rye (99%), and 993 thsd ha of winter barley (99%). In addition, agrarians provided additional fertilizing of winter rapeseed throughout 1.3 mln ha (99%).