Kazakhstan: main grain producing oblasts started the planting campaign — Ministry of Agriculture




According to the recent figures, the main grain producing oblasts of Kazakhstan started the mass planting campaign, declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As of May 15, agrarians of Karaganda oblast planted spring spiked grains throughout the areas of 92.6 thsd ha, or 10.5% of the plan (885.8 thsd ha), as well as Akmola oblast — 90.5 thsd ha, or 2.1% of the plan (4.307 mln ha). In the nearest days, Kostanay and North Kazakhstan oblasts should also start the planting campaign, where agrarians will plant grains throughout almost 4 mln ha and 2.76 mln ha, respectively.

Generally, the country planted spring grains throughout 1.023 mln ha, or 7.1% of the plan (14.347 mln ha).

In addition, Kazakhstan continued planting corn for grain. As of May 15, the planted areas reached 70.4 thsd ha (46.5%).

As for oilseeds, agrarians already planted the crops throughout 502.4 thsd ha, or 17.6% of the plan (2.848 mln ha).