Russia to harvest nearly 120 mln tonnes of grains — Rusagrotrans




Experts of the analytical center of Rusagrotrans JSC decreased the forecast of the general grain harvest in Russia in the current year, declared the Head of the analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC, Igor Pavensky on July 15.

Rusagrotrans lowered the forecast by 4.2 mln tonnes compared with the previous estimations — to 120 mln tonnes, due to the expected decrease of the average grain yield, in terms of the abnormally hot and dry weather in June 2019 in the European part of Russia. At the same time, the areas under winter crops faced the most significant losses, so the experts reduced the harvest forecast of the crops by 4.2 mln tonnes — to 60.8 mln tonnes. However, the updated estimations still exceeded the last year level, when Russia produced 57 mln tonnes of winter grains, the analyst explained.

In particular, in 2019 the harvest of Russian wheat will reach 76.1 mln tonnes (down 3.8 mln tonnes compared with the previous forecast), and barley — 19.2 mln tonnes (down 0.2 mln tonnes). The forecast of corn harvest remained at the same level — 12.3 mln tonnes.

In July 2019, the weather conditions in the European part of Russia became even more favourable for crops — it started raining and the air temperature decreased. The trend will partially improve the condition of spring crops after the June drought. The forecast of spring grains production remained unchanged — 59.2 mln tonnes, I.Pavensky added.