RGU cancelled its forecast of the record grain harvest in Russia in 2019




The Russian Grain Union (RGU) lowered the forecast of the general grain harvest in the country in the current year to 128 mln tonnes, said the President of the RGU, Arkadiy Zlochevskiy, on July 16.

The situation became quite optimistic, but Russia will not break a new record in grain production, although the RGU experts used to consider such possibility in their previous estimations, A.Zlochevskiy said.

According to him, the forecast reduced, due to rather severe drought-burdened weather phenomena in several regions of the country, including the Volga region, the Center, and Stavropol Krai. At the same time, the hot weather has a positive effect on the qualitative features of wheat, which became better in the current year, he said.