Russia harvested over 75 mln tonnes of grains — Ministry of Agriculture




As of August 22, Russian agrarians harvested grains and pulses throughout the areas of 24.5 mln ha, or 52.3% of the forecast. The production volumes reached 75.6 mln tonnes of grains (in 2018 — 73.5 mln tonnes), with the average yield of 3.09 t/ha (in 2018 — 3.02 t/ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In particular, agrarians harvested 56.5 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 16.4 mln ha (58.3%), with the yield of 3.46 t/ha. Also, Russia harvested 13.3 mln tonnes of barley throughout 4.7 mln ha (53.9%), with the yield of 2.81 t/ha.

Agrarians still continued harvesting winter rapeseed, and as of August 22 the areas reached 235.3 thsd ha (15.1%). The production volumes reached 560.8 thsd tonnes, with the yield of 2.38 t/ha.

At the same time, Stavropol Krai and the Republic of Adygea already harvested 2.3 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed throughout 1.6 thsd ha, with the yield of 1.44 t/ha.

In addition, Russia harvested soybeans throughout 22.7 thsd ha (0.7%), and produced 34.5 thsd tonnes of the oilseed, with the yield of 1.52 t/ha.

At the same time, Russian agrarians harvested 2.3 mln tonnes of sugar beet throughout 55.2 thsd ha (4.8%), with the yield of 41.8 t/ha.

As of the reporting date, Russia already planted winter crops for the harvest-2020 throughout 789.1 thsd ha, or 4.5% of the forecast.