Ukraine: wheat and barley shares covered 74% and 24% of the general harvest of early grains, respectively — APK-Inform




Traditionally, wheat and barley dominated in the structure of production of early grain crops in Ukraine, which in 2019 covered nearly 74% and 24% of the general harvest, respectively.

At the same time, the grain market analyst at APK-Inform Agency, Andrei Kupchenko specified that according to the updated figures, in the segment of wheat the production results increased by 15% compared with the previous season indicator, and in the segment of barley — up 23%. In addition, the planted areas under the crops slightly changed (up 2% and 4%, respectively).

Thus, the production volumes mainly increased, due to the growth of yield figures (up 12% for wheat, and up 18% for barley), he explained.

According to A.Kupchenko, the share of alternate early grains covered no more than 3% in the general production structure. He noted that in the current season, three alternate grains demonstrated some reduction of the production volumes. According to the updated figures, in 2019 the production of peas decreased by 25% (to 584.3 thsd tonnes), rye — down 19% (to 318 thsd tonnes), and oats — down 8% (to 384 thsd tonnes).

At the same time, for 10 recent years the production of peas generally increased by 29%, but in the current season the figures of rye and oats reached the record low levels for the reporting period. Also, it should be noted that in the current season, alternate grain crops demonstrated some increasing of the yield figures (peas — up 25%, oats — up 15%, and rye — up 4%), as well as major grains, said A.Kupchenko.



You can receive more detailed information about the key trends in the production of early crops in Ukraine from the article "Ukraine: tendencies in the production of early grain crops" in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #37 dd. September 23, 2019.