As of September 1, Ukraine harvested almost 40 mln tonns of grains and pulses — State Statistics Service




As of September 1, the general production of grains and pulses in all categories of agricultural households of Ukraine totaled 39.15 mln tonnes (up 14.4% compared with the same period last year). The harvested areas reached 10 mln ha, with the average yield of 3.72 t/ha, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

It is worthwhile noting that the harvest volumes in agricultural enterprises totaled 29.28 mln tonnes (up 15.4%), and in households of the population — 10.23 mln tonnes (up 11.5%).

In particular, the production of wheat totaled 28.63 mln tonnes (up 14.9%), with the yield of 4.23 t/ha, and the harvested areas — 6.76 mln ha. Agrarians harvested 9.05 mln tonnes of barley throughout 2.58 mln ha, with the yield of 3.5 t/ha.

The harvest volumes of peas reached almost 582 thsd tonnes (down 26.7%), and the areas — 251.5 thsd ha. The yield totaled 23.2 t/ha.

In addition, Ukraine harvested 3.28 mln tonnes of rapeseed (up 19.5%) throughout 1.27 mln ha, with the yield at 2.58 t/ha. Also, agrarians harvested 283.3 thsd tonnes of soybeans (up 49.7%) throughout 124.4 thsd ha, with the yield of 2.28 t/ha. As of the reporting date, the general harvest of sunflower seed totaled 1.27 mln tonnes (up 21.3%), the harvested areas — 597.1 thsd ha, and the yield — 2.31 t/ha.