Russia exported nearly 28 mln tonnes of wheat — Center of Agricultural Analytics




In the period of March 27 - April 2, the exports of Russian grains totaled 1.11 mln tonnes, an increase of 53.4% compared with the previous week, and up 38.6% compared with the average weekly results for the recent month (4 weeks), declared the Federal State-Funded Institution "Center of Agricultural Analytics" under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, on April 10, referring to operative data of the Federal Customs Service.

In particular, in the reporting period wheat volumes totaled 987 thsd tonnes, up 53.3% compared with the previous week. At the same time, the shipments of corn significantly increased, and totaled 117.6 thsd tonnes (up 2.4 times), while barley shipments lowered to 1.1 thsd tonnes only (down 95.8%). In the reporting week, Turkey (311.4 thsd tonnes), Egypt (240.8 thsd tonnes), the United Arab Emirates (124.8 thsd tonnes), Vietnam (72.8 thsd tonnes), and South Korea (65.5 thsd tonnes) were the main export destinations of Russian grains.

Generally, since the beginning of 2019/20 MY (July 1), and as of April 2, Russia already exported 33.7 mln tonnes of grains, including 27.9 mln tonnes of wheat (down 11.9% compared with the same period last season), 3.1 mln tonnes of barley (down 21.9%), 2.5 mln tonnes of corn (up 19.2%), and 0.2 mln tonnes of other grains (down 54.6%).

In the reporting period of the season, Russia actively exported grains to Turkey — 7.7 mln tonnes (23% of the general exports), Egypt — 5.8 mln tonnes (17%), Bangladesh — 2.1 mln tonnes (6%), Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan — 1.2 mln tonnes each (4% each).