Grain production to cover fully the inner needs of Kazakhstan - Omarov




Forecasted volume of grain production in Kazakhstan in 2020 will cover fully the inner needs, declared the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Saparkhan Omarov on August 25.

“Measures taken let us expect the grain output at the last year level, despite adverse weather of the current year. Forecasted grain crop will fully cover the domestic consumption”, - the Minister said.

He reminded that the National Company Food Contract Corporation JSC contracted 517 thsd tonnes of grains through forward purchases this year.

“The Corporation has 456.4 thsd tonnes of grains in reserve. This volume will be provided to the inner market for stabilization and food security when necessary”, - S.Omarov added.

In 2020, Kazakhstan will harvest 18 mln tonnes of grains, up 3.4% compared to 2019. The export potential will be high as well, added the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Mamin.