Russia: share of 1-4-grades in the structure of harvested wheat is 10% lower that year ago




As of August 24, the common share of 1-4-grades wheat declined to 68.9% in the structure of harvested wheat so far in Russia, down compared to the previous week (73%) and to the same date of 2019 (78.9%), reported the Federal State-Funded Institution "Federal Centre of Quality and Safety Assurance for Grain and Grain products" on August 26.

The experts examined 16.6 mln tonnes of soft wheat (25.7% out of the total harvested volume as of reporting date) in 38 regions of Russia.

Particularly, the share of 1-grade wheat totaled 0.003%, the same as in 2019, 2-grade wheat – 0.2 (0.02)%, 3-grade wheat – 28.8 (31.9%), 4-grade wheat – 39.9 (47%), and 5-grade wheat – 31.1 (26%).

As to barley, the experts examined 2.3 mln tonnes (23.4%) of the grain in 18 regions. The share of 1-grade barley declined to 24.3 (28.3)%, down compared to the last year.

“Moreover, the experts examined 330.8 thsd tonnes of rye (or 22.3% of the harvested volume) in 19 regions. The common share of 1-3-grades rye totaled 93.4% that exceeded the year ago level", - was stated in the message.