Belarus started planting campaign of winter grains




Belarus started the planting campaign of winter grain crops, informed the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus.

As of September 1, farmers planted crops throughout 9.43 thsd ha (0.65% of the plan). All oblasts except Mogilev have already started the field works.

In 2020, Belarus will plant 1.8 mln ha during the autumn planting campaign, slightly higher than in 2019, including 1.447 mln ha for grain crops.  

The Ministry informed that the planting campaign of winter grain crops would be completed by October 2.

The mass harvesting campaign of grains and pulses (except corn) was generally completed. The production volume reached 7.7 mln tonnes of grains (compared to 6.5 mln tonnes as of the same date year ago) with the average yield of 3.72 t/ha (3.12 t/ha).